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SynthX update

Just a small update to this fairly new app:

This version fixes issues that can cause clicks and pops in the audio output. Also, issues discovered on the iPad 2 have been corrected.

A voice count controller has been added to allow users to set the number of voices SynthX has.

SynthX - Way Out Ware, Inc.

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Brad Spitt said...

Unfortunately, I'm still getting some crackle pop on occasion. Really enjoy this one though, it's like Barry Bonds Be-Bot.

Robert said...

Great update to a great app! I'm really liking SynthX and it's very immediate, playable, and sounds excellent aside from the afore mentioned crackles.

The update has fixed these, but not entirely. Let me explain with hot tip.

I would guess you're still getting crackles when bumping up the voice count to 6 voices, right? Me, too. Knock it back down to the default 5 voices or anything lower and you'll be back in business. This is a glitch in 4.3 on the iPad 2, possibly iPad 1... Perhaps someone could confirm.

Emailed the dev and he's on the case, but in my opinion it's really not his fault. Apple's own GarageBand has glitched-out on me in the same way once I started pushing it's limits, so Apple seems to have a bit of iOS house cleaning to do in the audio department, at least on the new hardware.

Brad Spitt said...

Yeah, I noticed the 6 voice thing last night. The update did help much as I think I was getting the crackle at two voices before on the og iPad.

Rather not have to think about how many fingers are touching the screen when I'm recording something so I'll just continue to enjoy making noise with this until.

iOS 4.3.1 didn't seem to help but it has been gobbling up my battery's juice at an alarming rate.

Brad Spitt said...

Edit: forgot that this update lets you set max voices so in theory it's good to go.

Robert said...

Yes, if you simply leave it a the default 5 voices or lower for now it will work a treat! Beautiful sounds...

FYI, SynthX uses the same oscillators the developer has been working on for years with his desktop software, and it's a completely different model than most of the other synths in the App Store...