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Tom said...

Does anyone know if both the Electribe and and the iMS-20 can run together at the same time, on the same machine?

(iPad not with me yet).

Beat said...

No they won't.

Last year I had the idea 2 run 2 iPads. I decided to wait on the iPad 2 as my second iPad.
I'm glad I did. Had no Idea we was going to be able to sync devices together wireless!

The best part about the Korg Sync is that it's Bluetooh!
You can get down anywhere with it.

Been testing it out and it seems rock solid!

I'm looking for a good portable battery operated Mixer now.

Anonymous said...

Great update on the audio copy & paste tip, but I wish we could tempo sync via wifi as well as btooth. I really dig bassline's implementation, this allows for sync to ableton for super easy recording nice iPad loops for instant use. Don't forsee getting another iPad so this is of great importance.

Anonymous said...

Interesting the wireless search is for other iphones, ipods and ipads. What do they anticate we will be running on our small screens to communicate with the bigger brother??

Tom said...

That's a shame.

An iPad plus the cost of the software, just to run the software seems a bit over the top if you ask me. I mean you can buy an actual electribe for a fraction of the cost. I've got an EM-1 here which I bought secondhand for £60.

Also I purchased my original MS20 for on £50. How times have changed!

Duncan said...

Anyone who would buy an ipad simply for these apps and nothing else is probably a bit wrong in the head, though.

johnnyg0 said...

"Also I purchased my original MS20 for on £50. How times have changed!"

As Aphex Twin once said : "just go for the unfashionable stuff."

Its still true today :)

Andrew said...

Gah! Now I really want two ipads!!!!!

danny fluck said...

too much fun over bluetooth!!!