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Win 3.1 install on iDOS

 Wow! Amazing. Not a big surprise that Apple pulled it really. Thanks to BeatMakerTV

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Beat said...

According to a comment I read on app advice, The dev pulled the app because of Namco Game co. PAC-Man and Dig Dug was included in the original release.
He has since then removed the games and resubmitted the app to the app store. According to a post on the devs site the commenter read.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Robert said...

Thanks, Beat! Now that's the kind of news we can use!

Beat said...

^ no problem
OMG forget 3.1 win 95 in effect. The emulation has begun.
Do you know what this means for a oldSchool Music Hardware User like myself? I can use alot of utilities on my iPad. Oh yeah.
Search iDOS pulled touch arcade for Mad info and howto's

Anonymous said...

Emulation is really nice, but what I'd really like is to see Boot Camp on the ipad and have the option to dual-boot. One man may dream :)

Anonymous said...

I've been following the massive thread on TA about this. Managed to get it through Cydia. Will try a win 3.1 or 95 install for absurd geek value. Hadn't really considered music apps/utilities until Beat's post.
What do you have in mind?

Palm-Sounds said...

Appreciate any news on this, especially around if it gets resubmitted or appears in Cydia. Also interested to hear other people's exploits with it using music software.