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Gameboy and R2D2 iPhone 4 sticker

Both pictures available at Moonbuz.

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arshad said...

Hi its really very nice blog,very useful information..Mobiles

Anonymous said...

What does this has to do with mobile music?

2 Potato said...

Word of warning, don't buy from this guy. I bought the NES sticker from these guys. It wore out within a week, the promised replacement (they blamed their interns) never eventuated...

formal said...

@ Anon, People like to customize their music gear just like their cars.

iPhones are very popular music making devices on this site.

Gameboys are popular music making devices on this site.

Even if those two connections don't justify it, Moonbuzz is a big supporter of this site/blog as well as the mobile music community.

formal said...

For people who like to put decals/stickers on their gear I have a suggestion that I just started doing myself.

At stores like WalMart, Target or any home store they sell this stuff called "contact" paper. Basically it's a roll of sticker material that is 36 feet long. So what you do is find a design you like or print/make your own. Cut out the design and place it in the contact paper. Cut around the design leaving a boarder of contact paper. INSTANT CUSTOM STICKERS!

Anonymous said...


yeah I know, but there's too much articles about stands, decals and cases recently.. I miss when it was only about music.

There should be more stuff about gameboys, but not about gameboy cases :)

formal said...

@ Anon, that's understandable. Maybe Ashley can make a section just for accessory postings.

On a side note here's a custom design I made over the weekend for my SP404. YES it's mobile..... IT TAKES BATTERIES! :)


Anonymous said...


Nice skin :)

hey anything can be mobile with the right battery pack right? :D