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Music Producer Assistant

I thought that this might interest a few people, and it is of course free.

Producer Assistant is a hip hop producer app that lets you keep up on what's going on in the music producing industry.

It also shows you how to make beats for some of the hottest software in the music business, Learn secret tactics on how to sell your tracks and where to get sounds for your beats and more.

There are tons of different tutorials on how to make beats using different software like the akia mpc, ableton live, Reason, beat thang, and much more. This app is good for inspiration to get your tracks sounding hot, and also when you're done, where to sell, and which artists are looking to buy beats. This app is what every producer needs to have in their arsenal. Get it now for free for a limited time - The Producer Assistant.

Music Producer Assistant - Wooten Technology

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Beat said...

Whoop Whoop! This is right up my alley. Thanks!