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Moon released by Jason Sposa

Another release from Jason Sposa / Falling for a Square. I'm looking forward to giving this a good listen very soon. Here's what Jason has to say about the release from his blog:

MOON is a concept EP loosely based on the 2009 Duncan Jones script MOON. I personally just fell in love with the idea of a man (clone) spending years on the moon, while the whole time his world was a lie. I believe I took a little different spin on the idea, and I am quite happy with this dark image I have captured.

Moon is compiled of eight songs all of them composed with NANOLOOP (for iPhone).

In addition, Glocken Jr, Manetron, SV-5 Vocoder, PiezoPop, WS 101, Pocket Organ, Sound Squares + a little Casio SK-1 were all used in the recording of this record.


DOCTOR POPULAR - collaborating music on the track "Trans Oceanic Lullaby"
Please find out more great things about him at www.DOCPOP.org

VIVIAN KIM - background vocals on "Blast Off" + lead vocals on "Where Your Heart Lives"
More music from Vivian can be found at THEDUALIES official

You can hear all the tracks here.

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Noom said...

Yeah thanks for (I presume) spoiling the plot of a film I was really looking forward to watching soon!

(Not you directly, but still...)

2 Potato said...

Seconded on the ruining the plot. Only bought it last night too...

js said...

Sorry everyone!
I hope you at least enjoy the album :)


Anonymous said...


...too late...

qmish said...

but music is good

Palm-Sounds said...

Sorry all for this. Hope you still enjoyed the film. I should've noticed the spoiler first.