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Sound Club DOS on iPad iDOS

Wish you could still get this app. Wish I hadn't missed it! Thanks to BeatMakerTV

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Beat said...

Thanks for posting PS! I just want to mention that everything woks. The sound, the controls, mouse, and keyboard. I saw a couple of YT videos with people having trouble with the mouse. this is not the case. The design of this app is perfect and well thought out. Just a certain way to use it. You don't put you finger directly on the pointer. Its a good pc experience on the iPad. Alot of the Music apps like the one pictured require SoundBlaster soundcard and this app emulates that pretty well. Fullscreen is perfect. This app is fun.

Apps install just like pc version DOS. There are tons of shareware DOS games and Music Related apps out their. I know i will be using this to sample lofi sounds. I was playing a game called Bio Menace all morning. If your OldSchool like me, you would appreciate this.

Any questions about it, i'll be happy to answer them.

Unknown said...

Here's a FullScreen Screen Shot that will make you drool

Unknown said...

Sorry meant to post this one.

kid versus chemical said...

This is 1 of my favorite music programs of all time, if you listen to dat politics u can hear it expert wielded.

I wish I had grabbed this when I had the chance, grrrr I hate apple so much some times. Think of all the opl3/adlib trackers you could run.

Why won,t apple just get over themselves and let emulators threw. If people are going to hack the devices there not going to waste resources doing it in a vm/emulator....