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PSP Phone?

Is this for real? It just doesn't look right to me.

A number of sites have been talking about it including Mashable, but I'm not sure.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of prototypes?

dcp said...

Prototype or not, that thing looks just awful, even worse than the PSPgo!

Formal said...

For once sony is working on a product not based on fancy "design" and everybody flips out cuz it's ugly. This unit was made to test HARDWARE/SOFTWARE not attract the 18-30 yr old consumers. I for one am glad sony is trying to take the time to do this right rather than push out a pretty turd that stinks when you try to use it (typical sony products).

You can be sure this thing is going to have a massive facelift before release time.

dcp said...

@Formal: 1. I'm not everybody. 2. i'm not 18-30 yr old.

This device looks awful, that's my opinion, if you can't live with it, fanboy, that's not my problem.!

formal said...

If I was a fanboy why would I be bashing Sony products saying they are generally inferior quality and shoddy products? ....

Stop trolling please.

AS far as my generalization for "everybody" You might wanna check out the posts on engadget, gizmodo, slashdot or any other tech news site. The consensus is people think this is ugly, but there's obviously a reason for that. It's not a 3d render of a fictional product. It's not a product in production. It's a prototype to test out new features not yet on other current devices (like the new touchpad feature). Also this is said to be using Android 3.0 which is still far away from seeing the light of day.

I get super tired of seeing mockups and renders that are only used to hype products. When the products usually launch (far past the intended release date) Most never live up to the hype.

Anonymous said...

it isn't a portable game station it was meant to make phone calls hint: playstaion PHONE.