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The New MySpace

In the last few weeks we've had plenty of debate about MySpace and whether it is completely over or not. So now that they've relaunched, what do we think?

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Ed Audio Silver said...

I had a look at it last night and read some quotes from the management team about it - have to say I think its going to struggle.

Its offering sharing and curatorial functions that are already standard in social media sites when what it really needs is to go above and beyond whats already out there to succeed.

Its competeting with Facebook, for which people have left its own service in droves and on the music side with SoundCloud - a service that is a shining example of openness (look at all the apps that integrate with it already!) and audience savvy.

Why would anyone go back to Myspace when its offering nothing over and above what they already have?

Anonymous said...

because they think having a 'customisable' homepage all of their own somehow makes them more interesting?

Ed Audio Silver said...

Its customisation thats made a lot of Myspace pages fairly horrible to look at and slow to load.

I think some of Facebooks success is based around the fact that it has a simple standardised interface - its functional, not some aesthetic pile-up :)

Anonymous said...

Facebook is now pretty much bloated as well, even if the design is cleaner.

Anonymous said...

Twitter all day. I met so many music connections in just 1 month of use

jaybry84 said...

Apparently everyone knew Myspace was just a fad except for Myspace.