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A Four Track Recorder for Android

Great to see a multi-track app arrive for Android. I think it is a first, or at least it is the first I've seen anyway.

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dcp said...

Too bad it has one, both or all three of the following restrictions.

- It's not available in the german section of the marketplace...

- It's not available for Android 2.1x

- It's not available for the Motorola Milestone.

Palm-Sounds said...

Well I'm still on 1.6, so it is no use to me at all.

Anonymous said...

I have a HTC ONE v, and due to the lack of menu button, I can't acess any of the settings, so it basically renders it useless, even though I would love to be able to use it :(
If I'm missing something, let me know ;)

Anonymous said...

You should be able to access the settings by holding down the recent apps button on the HTC One V.