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iCircuit 1.2 released

With lots of great new features:
  • Automatic wiring used when moving parts - keeps your circuit working no matter where you position them
  • iPhone UI upgraded to make it 333% easier to use
  • The wiring tool is now "dramatic" to help you make circuits faster
  • Improved circuit management UI includes easier export and changing default settings of circuits
  • Undo allows you to explore the edit history of circuits and jump to past versions, just press and hold the Undo button for a second to see this history
  • Transformer, SCR, Sweep, Microphone, Accelerometer, and Lamp elements added
  • Element editor now brought up by double-tapping & value inputs have quick magnitude-change buttons
  • Printing and emailing PDFs now supported on iOS 4.2
A great app for DIY types on the move. The app is priced at $9.99

iCircuit - Krueger Systems, Inc.

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Beat said...

This app helped me Understand schematics. Sill learning, but getting there quick using this app. Reading The well put together manual and other books.