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A little Sinusoid update

I'm a bit confused by this one as it now says it is iOS 4 compatible, but I thought it was already.
    Sinusoid - Erik Sigth

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    Beat said...

    I made a request for him to make it work with iOS 4.0. 4.01!
    Now I can use it on my 3GS and iPhone 4 because I'm not updating them. It only seemed to work on later iOS4.2,4.3.

    Yeaaahhh! This DeV Rocks!!! It was only a few days ago when I requested it.

    Beat said...

    Sinusoid or Nanoloop + Filtatron = Game Over
    Mad Fun.

    Just figured out that the Drums are Track 4 on Sinusoid.

    Anonymous said...

    This was an update just for you Beat. Sorry, that it might have confused other people. Please let me know if you ever upload any sinusoid + filtatron creations. I would love to hear that.

    ERik (developer)