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What I'm up to today

I posted these to instagram earlier, but they're here now as well. Just the kind of thing I do get up to on a back

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Robert said...

Nice pix, Ashley!

I see that you're still rockin' the DIY iPad shipping box-stand, too! That's awesome. :)

I have one of these and like it quite a bit, wondering if you've seen http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-wooden-5-iPad-Dock-Stand/ ?

Beat said...

yes, nice pics indeed.
I just got finished chip tuning with 2 iPhones myself. i never ventured into this kind of music till I came to Palm Sounds! recharging right now. :)

Henrik Lindal said...

Whats your username on Instagram?

And can you give us some more detail on the setup?