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Beat Twirl update

The update to Beat Twirl brings:
  • Double tap & drag beats to copy them.
  • Skip slices on playback.
  • Duplicate files.
    The app is priced at $9.99

    Beat Twirl - Tiv Studio

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    kovsky said...

    Works really well, made some good loops
    and you can audiopaste every slice, parts or the whole loop
    add sounds to a slice
    audiocopy or libraryimport or recording

    Burg said...

    One review posted that it crashes all of the time. Have you experienced that?

    I want to buy it, but I really don't want another buggy $10 app.

    kovsky said...

    that was the first version that had a bug
    after the first update it never crashed again
    on my ipod touch.
    It has had a few updates adding features
    And the dev is very responsive when a problem occurs
    I always got an answer the same day

    Beat said...

    If my iPad was still jailbroken i would get it. Would be sick with ifile.