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Fire, proof: New Signal Process / Distort and Delay

Fire, proof. from TimScotten on Vimeo.

If you were thinking about get the excellent NSP Break Out Box from New Signal Process then remember that they currently have a  promotion running:

"we are running a promo with distort and delay for the month of April. All breakout orders come with a distort and delay code."

Distort+Delay - Signals and Stuff


Anonymous said...

Makes no sense.

What's a 'breakout order'?

What's the code? Where do you get the code?

There's no mention of a 'breakout order' or 'code' on the app store page or on their website.

lol. ffs.

kovsky said...

distort and delay is a very good and useable app
I use it way more than filtatron
its more controlable
i would recomment it