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Red Bull BPM HD Player update

A big update for this iPad DJ app and also the lite version. Here's what's new:
  • New, manually-tuned ultra-musical 3 band EQ. Better cuts and special curves - not reproducible with pure analog circuits or digital math!
  • Smoother screen updates.
  • Drastically improved track loading time. Below 0.5 seconds usually for cached or manually uploaded tracks.
  • BPM value displayed and loaded tracks marked on tracks screen.
  • "Load next track and stop" setting.
  • Repeat mode, previous and next track selectors in Classic Club mode.
  • Reverse play indicators.
  • BPM is broadcasted via WiFi/Bluetooth every time, not just with 1 deck loaded. BPM precedence is calculated via crossfader/pgm fader positions. Good for back-to-back DJing.
  • High-quality interpolator. Closer to vinyl than most DVS (try extremely low tempo, like -99%).
  • Better channel fader curve.
  • Punch in/out channel faders and crossfader (can be switched off in settings).
  • Multitasking and background-audio support. You can use other audio applications on top of your mix, instruments, samplers…
The app is priced at $23.99

Red Bull BPM HD Player - Red Bull

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Tom said...

I bid farewell today to my technics sl1210 turntable (sold all my records earlier this year too). It'll be interesting how this i-turntable thing pans out (no pun intended!)