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Sony bringing 2 tablets to the market

Lots of reports of this yesterday. Sometimes I do wonder about titles like "Sony launching new tablets to take on the iPad", I mean, is that reasonable? The picture I've seen (above) of these tablets do look very nice, I like the idea of a two screen device, but to quote Peter Kirn:

Android Honeycomb right now is like the 80s Yankees: hated, wildly outclassed, but eventually destined for better things

So I can't see Sony catching up soon, at least not for mobile music anyway.

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Garloo said...

It looks like Sony follows instead of leading.

One looks like a rip off of a Game Boy and the other the iPad. Oddly without even a inprovement even on design.

Sad when you think that this company once had vision. I think that their problems have come from the conflict of intrest in making media and distributing hardware.

Anonymous said...

PS2 managed to dominate the market on specs and library alone...

sony indeed doesn't contribute much innovation ... but if the product is good (which for me means high quality hardware and low-latency response) I won't complain.

btw Has anyone had experience with the xperia play? how's latency on that thing for android music apps?

Anonymous said...

No one cares.


Beat said...

ih8 sony these days, but they could put out something iLL if they wanted, but its always crippled in some way.

Usually poor battery life.

I still want a skinny sexy powerful windows tablet with 10hour batt life.

Those 2 pictured look corny to me.

johnnyg0 said...


It looks like you cared enough to comment :D