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OP-1 Acid House Track Demo - Teenage Engineering

Video description:

In anticipation of the accessory event tomorrow (8/28/12) in NYC I got deep into my OP-1 on the kitchen table tonight. Everything you here aside from my voice came from the default OP-1 synth engines and drum samplers. My voice was sampled into the drum sampler. All music parts were laid down to the 4 tape tracks with a combination of live playing, endless and finger sequencers and some manual control over volume for fades.

This song is dedicated to all of those folks who think smartphones can do the same thing the OP-1 can. Maybe they can, maybe they can do more, but the OP-1 is way cooler to put in your pocket. People always ask me if it is a banana, LOL JK. Sure the OP-1 is $800, but iPhones are $600 or more if you don't sign the service agreement. It is almost the same cost and I have yet to see a smartphone with midi in/out, stereo audio in/out, fm radio, tactile keys, buttons and knobs, and a speaker this loud. It's not for everyone, sure I get it... you like free (cough...pirated) software and PC's. More power to ya folks, but I like it quirky and the if the team at TE get any quirkier we may be playing electric wind chimes with spaghetti noodles and opening and closing filters with kites and string like old benjie franklin did way back when.

This is a humble example of using the OP-1 for what it is good at... having fun with music. It's raw, it's portable, and it is super genius to play with. I speak geek and the op-1 gets that. Buy one, borrow one, or just go to your local music store. No YouTube video does this thing justice. I stand behind it all the way and look forward to sharing ideas and best practices with you at http://ohpeewon.com forums if you dare to get involved and think outside the laptop/phone/pad.

This music piece is inspired by many old house and acid house tracks, particularly Acid Thunder by Fast Eddie but my rendition is way off base from his classic take and my notes are not even the same. As recorded here it is 100% original if not a cover and the creation of me. I give myself permission to use this clip on YouTube as the owner of said recording.

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