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Is crowdfunding better for hardware than apps?

I've noticed that a lot of hardware goes down really well on Kickstarter but not so much apps. I'm speaking here entirely in terms of music hardware / apps and I've no idea if the crowdfunded model works in other app categories like games etc.

It just seems to me to be far more accessible and tangible for hardware, whereas for apps it's difficult to see how the app maker can reward people for funding the project. I think when we start to see crowdfunding platforms that allow backers to opt for equity things may change and apps may become a lot more popular in terms of raising money through this medium.


Anonymous said...

yeah, i guess people just feel more conformable funding projects that they'd physically be able to use

kid versus chemical said...

There is a lot less overhead needed to fund app development, you really just need time and skill and a decent computer. The hardware projects require a much larger initial investment for parts and assembly. I personally would never support a software based kickstarter type of deal.

Anonymous said...

seams to work fine for games too - if you got do everybody wants - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/66710809/double-fine-adventure