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Music Box Composer gets an update taking it into the real world

As far as I know this is probably one of the most unique updates for any mobile music app. Why? Here's the update details and then I'll explain:
  • Save strip to PNG file. You can then print this as a punch guide for the physical music boxes (print at a 47% scaling on light card - 180gsm - and it can be played directly once cut out and punched). Offers to email after creation, or copy through iTunes. Customise the base file so your creations are always generated with your personalised strip image.
  • Bug fixes to the help text display.
  • Scrub bar could end up behind buttons when in Small Screen Mode.
So, the first bullet point is what I'm talking about. I don't think that any other iOS or in fact any mobile music app that I know of has ever offered the ability to print a punch guide for a physical music box. Yep, I think that this is a first.

Wonderful isn't it? As is the app too in my opinion.

Music Box Composer - Jelly Biscuits

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