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Lasertron universal arrives, because we've all wanted a laser harp right?

I bet you wanted a laser harp when you saw Jarre play one right? I know I did. So here's Lasertron, a universal app for your iOS device.

Here's the app's description:

Realistically based on the famous laser harp used by Jean Michel Jarre. Featuring a choice of sounds, laser colours and note scales. Choose from sounds like koto, dulcimer and synth but also the actual sound used to play THAT Rendez-Vous song. Note scales like chromatic and diatonic etc but also the notes used to play THAT song.

Set on an out of focus city scape, you can pretend to be Jean Michel Jarre on stage!
  • 3 laser colours
  • 5 note scales including the notes for Rendez Vous II
  • 9 different sounds
  • Realistic laser simulation
  • Ambient fog
The app is priced at $1.99.

Lasertron - BeatsnBobs

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