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BleepLabs announce three new artist instruments and sell out of one immediately

Well, they are kind of popular aren't they? Here's what they've got to say about them.

"We’ve been busy!
Dam-Funk, Freelance Whales, and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion all have Bleep Labs devices out now!"

The DAM-DRUM will be included with Dam-Funk’s new 12″ 'I Don’t Wanna Be a Star'. [you might remember this one from this post]. (This is the one that's already sold out).

For the new Freelance Whales album, diluvia, The Astralark Home Planetarium.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s new album, Meat Bone, will have a special edition pack that includes the JSBX2012 Blue Exploder.

Details here.

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