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NanoStudio V1.30 beta for OS X and Windows released!

NanoStudio V1.30 beta for OS X and Windows just released! Lots of improvements to alpha based on user feedback! http://forums.blipinteractive.co.uk/node/2443

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Tom TM said...

But it's still in beta. The final won't be released for a few more weeks. So get testing everyone!

The final iPad release is going to be dynamite (and that's really saying something because Nanostudio already IS dynamite!!!) :D

Tom TM said...

Blipinteractive's server seems to be down :(

The mind boggles to the amount of people who must have downloaded NS in the first place! I reckon when Matt brings out v2 he's gonna make another million all over again. People are already trying to give him money for this next update!!!! (it can only be a GOOD thing!) :D