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BeatMaker 2.2 feature list updated

Update list of features coming to BM2.2:
  • MIDI Out, Sync, Thru and MIDI-over-WiFi support
  • Virtual MIDI inputs/outputs
  • MIDI Hotplug
  • MIDI Import: import MIDI files into the song sequencer and pattern editor
  • Export individual patterns to MIDI files
  • New Swing feature for recording and pattern editing
  • DropBox file sharing support
  • Revamped Sample Lab/Chop Lab. Now everything can be tailored within the same interface.
  • Non-destructive chopping options
  • Customize sample bounds per pad
  • Automatically create track patterns from chopped samples
  • Export song to individual audio tracks
  • Added amount multiplier and invert ADSR options
  • Support for Apple Loops slice points (reading & writing).
  • Korg's WIST support (synchronizes supported music apps playback).
  • Other general improvements and iOS 5 related fixes
BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

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Anonymous said...

After Thumbjam 2.0 incredimazing update, every other app updates have seemed underwhelming. :D

Anonymous said...

there is a god-!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous rules

Anonymous said...

@ last anon
Excellent update, any idea when it's due, anyone?

Trueyorky said...

Anytime soon. I believe Intua are almost ready to go with this update :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude!

Pighood said...

Can anyone definitively tell me if BM2 TOTALLY replaces BM1 in functionality & ability to get all those custom kits?

Anonymous said...

I've only just got BM2 but have had BM1 for a long time and I can say that it's 'all that and a bag of chips'.
It's not got the synthesis stuff like Nanostudio, or any of the other DAW's etc., but for sampling, chopping etc. it's wonderful.
Loads more options and functions than BM1, and I believe you can import projects and kits from BM1 into BM2, although I haven't tried it.

Dj Agent M said...

Had beatmaker 1 and never did much with it. Beatmaker 2 is another story. Fair to say I've made an albums worth of beats. Perfect workflow the update will make mixing tracks a much better.

Anonymous said...

Well it's beat maker. U can make silly beats with it. Rly fun app! For more serious stuff (on ios) go with Nano studio, Korg, Beep streets stuff.

Anonymous said...

This is putting BM2 into the territory of what iMaschine should have been. I'm impressed that they found so many features to add to an already elaborate studio app.