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Loopseque Mini v1.5 update

I do like Loopseque in it's many guises, and I really like mini especially. So I was really pleased to see an update and I'm looking forward to a play with it soon.

Here's what's new:
  • Sample uploading (via iTunes file sharing)
  • Sample Editor (volume, pitch, reverse, attack, decay etc)
  • FX processor (LP & HP Filter, Beat Repeater and Reverb with simple routing – ready for live-acts and easy for new beginners)
  • Live record for creating whole composition on the fly
  • Share records on your Soundcloud profile or via iTunes
  • Send your Project with all samples and presets by e-mail (fully compatible with Loopseque for iPad)
  • Totally reworked sound engine
  • Enhanced Design
  • Many additional features on each screen
Loopseque Mini - Casual Underground

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Anonymous said...

I can't understand why they wouldn't add support for pasting samples using audiocopy

Thats such a obvious thing to do.....who would use the cumbersome iTunes file sharing for this


Tom TM said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe that we be a feature in the forthcoming Loopseque Extra; it says on their site 'Powerful Audio Copy/Paste'.
So hopefully that'll be what it means. Fingers crossed.