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Say hello to Nanoloop One

Looks great. Nanoloop One.

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papernoise said...

I'm intrigued! Wonder what it is...

Anonymous said...


What's the purpose of... this thing???

Garloo said...

LoOking at the number of pins on the bottom I have an idea where and what it plugs into.

Vytis said...

Here's Oliver's post on chipmusic.org


Glad to know you find the new design sexy to look at. It also

- is even more exotic than a big hole with a black epoxy blob.
- is a PCB with all parts completely embedded, nothing is sticking out (the back side is the same dark blue plastic as the front).
- is very robust, it's a 2 mm thick piece of FR4 (PCB material, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FR-4). Actually much more robust than a standard cartridge.
- works with GBA.
- fits well into the cart slot of all GB models, it's just thick enough to stick in there firmly while it's still easy to remove.

It has rather sharp edges, but you can easily round them off a little with some sandpaper if desired.

papernoise said...

So this is the new nanoloop cart! I'm really looking forward to this one!