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Another Journey on the iPad with Animoog APP by Moog

Animoog - Moog Music Inc.

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Tom TM said...

I think this track demonstrates quite well the shortcomings of the looper built into AniMoog. At about 3 mins in, the pulsy little sequence that started really began to get on my nerves.

As the track progressed, some really interesting newer element were introduced, and I just wished the initial melody could be faded out- but of course it couldn't/can't.

Moog really should look at the way say Addictive microsynth approaches this, then update AniMoog. It would make it loads better imho, as AniMoog is a very expressive instrument otherwise. :)

And of course, bring a version out for the iPhone/touch as well!

Anonymous said...

Imagine if there could be a looper app that would record from other apps.

Tom TM said...


This is stuff my dreams are made from! Unfortunately, Apple would never allow it. :(

Anonymous said...

But if you have two iDevices, all you need is the right cable and Loopy.