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BM 2.2 feature list published

Beatmaker 2.2 feature list:
  • MIDI Out, Thru and MIDI-over-WiFi support
  • Virtual MIDI inputs/outputs
  • MIDI Hotplug
  • DropBox file sharing support
  • Revamped Sample Lab/Chop Lab. Now everything can be taylored within the same interface.
  • Non-destructive chopping options
  • Customize sample bounds per pad
  • Added amount multiplier and invert ADSR options
  • Support for Apple Loops slice points (reading & writing).
  • Korg's WIST support (synchronizes supported music apps playback).
  • Other general improvements and iOS 5 related fixes
BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

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Tom TM said...

Awesome stuff Intua! :)

Dj Agent M said...

Im about to cry lol

Thanks although not all i understand haha the main one i wanted are here....hopefully mixing down is if i missed it.

Dj Agent M said...

Just need to wait for it to be released. Thanks intua.

Garloo said...

I think this shows that Intua listens and when they delivery it is hot and toasty!