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Playing with Songineer

Songineer™ - Instant Composer - Amidio Inc.

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Anonymous said...

'Track made in 3 minutes!'

That's an eternity in this day and age of mobile music. I just made a similar track in 90 seconds using iKaossilator... beat that!


Toyo said...

Easily, half of that video was actually demonstrating of the interface.

Toyo said...

But what's next, can you output your track to MDI with iKaossilator?

Duke said...

Another Amidio toy

Trueyorky said...

Well I have iKaossilator but I have also purchased Songineer and I was pleasantly surprised. It has some nice features and sounds much better than expected.

Create song ideas with ease and if you want to - export through iTunes and drop into your favourite DAW.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. yep, I like... That's two for me today damnit..