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BeatSequencer on sale

BeatSequencer is on sale and has reduced in price from $15.99 to $9.99 (£5.99). If it can be made to work (on a 3G anyway) it might be worth the money. Let's hope that there's an update in the works that will make this application realise it's potential.

BeatSequencer at the app store:
BeatSequencer BoomBap by Insight

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metaphormidable said...

The dev seems like a nice guy, but I'm still irritated that I paid $15.99 for something that is crashy to the point of being completely unuseable and still hasn't been fixed... grrrr

Sampson said...

You could always request a refund via itunes app store and buy the application once it's been fixed.

Palm-Sounds said...

I'm tempted to go for the refund but also still want to hang on in there to see what it can do if it ever gets fixed