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Are Web Apps the way for forward?

This may sound like a very odd question coming from me, but I was thinking about the C64 emulator and the Basic interpreter that got rejected by Apple and wondered about whether there was scope for apps like this being web apps rather than native ones.

What made me think in this direction was all the talk about the Google voice app that was rejected, and Google deciding to go down the web app route instead.

So is there scope for some of the emulators to be used as web apps?

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NotADanaSnyderFan said...

interesting! are there any performance differences between web apps and regular apps?

Palm-Sounds said...

Web apps wouldn't be able to do lots of the processing for audio and video that native apps can do as they live on the web and not inside the device. For audio and multimedia this is a problem, but not for data type apps really. Of course, you have to have an internet connection to use them

gregor said...

The file sync/view applications like airsharing, ufile and others seem to all use the standard apple webkit viewer, which has full support for javascript (including html 5 extensions like the canvas and local dbs); so you can store the apps locally.

You could write an emulator or provide a programming platform like basic in javascript. But there wouldn't be the hardware support for audio.

There may be a way of creating an app which provides that support in a way that javascript could access it-- but that might run foul of restrictions.

There may also be a way of using the new audio tag to provide something interesting.

Anonymous said...