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monoleap for iPhone has arrived

A new controller for your iPhone has arrived, monoleap ...

Here are the details ...

Monoleap is a new kind of MIDI controller for playing monophonic instruments, such as synth, lead, wind, brass bass.

Once you master the fingering patterns, you'll be able to play monoleap without looking at the device, and have fine grain control over the instrument sound an articulation by moving your hands horizontally and vertically on the iPAD screen.

For more information on how to setup the instrument and how to play, please download the "Getting Started" guide from the following URL:


Monoleap is free on the app store, just click below:


Anonymous said...

Small correction: Its iPad only, so not for iPhones.

Dan Bar-Yaakov said...

You can see it in action here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceExvru3jJc

Thanks for the post :)