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FieldScaper 1.1 already on the way

So for anyone with a 6s this one is for you (especially you Rob as you asked me about this earlier)

And so first release and first problem. On the iPhone 6s there is problem with using internal mic. The hardware sample rate for internal mic is fixed at 48 kHz and app can't change it. With headset or external audio card all ok. Unfortunately the FieldScaper can't start without connected headphones on this device.

But don't worry, I found and fix this issue. New version 1.1 already submitted for review and I asked for expedited review of this update. Will it be fast or as usual I don't know. But I hope they respond.

Also in this update several significant improvements:
  • Improved user interface and sound engine.
  • Each oscillator start separately.
  • One oscillator can be started in loop mode, others playback samples.
  • File markers In and Out stored for each file.
  • Improved performance.

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