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Back in 2008: Noise.IO Pro arrived

Yep, after what seemed like an eternity back in 2008 Noise.IO Pro finally arrived on the app store. It was a big deal back then. In 2008 it was a very impressive app. You can read a bit more about it here.

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Anonymous said...

Shame this was never supported for later iterations of iOS, or the hotly anticipated version 2 never materialised, along with the AU/VST plug-in; Amidio had some very special and cool innovative apps that got me into making music back in 2009 but the support was always flakey to say the least. A hard business lesson for them and they ended up not making enough money and failing. So much promise, but without the cash, inevitable downfall. Wonder if the dev that took over, got any of the old defunct stuff thrown in?