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Some pictures of Grain Science

Just some of the screen shots from Wooji Juice's latest creation Grain Science, as I didn't post them yesterday.

Grain Science - Wooji Juice Ltd

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Mike said...

I grabbed this one last night. If anyone's on the fence, I'd grab Wooji Juice's free Sylo Synth first and see how you like it. This one is similar but much, much deeper. Looks like you can modulate just about everything on it. Already got some gritty, spooky, subterrenean and space textures cooked up.

Robert said...

Hands down the best sound production tool this year! Capable of amazing results and patches can be shared on Twitter! It pretty much is a workstation for all the audio copy/paste sound app you have on your IPad. Imagine taking Alchemy and Anamoog and blending the sounds together anyway you want. Really the options and possibilities are endless with Grain Science!

D271267 said...

Yes, great app !