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Demibooks® Composer updated

You might remember this from a while back. I'm sure I posted about it. The app is an eBook composing app for your iPad, and the update adds a lot of impressive functionality:
  • Video support (.mov, .mp4, .m4v, .3gp)
  • Improved thumbnail based image picker
  • Jump to specific frame in animation and spinner objects
  • Create animations and spinners via zip files containing sequentially numbered files (e.g. Animation01.png, Animation02.png)
  • Objects npow support URL behaviors
  • See all objects on the page and re-order their them
  • Gestures from Pages (as well as objects)
  • Physics groups (Physics objects can be forced to avoid collisions)
  • Jump To Page and Return To Page
  • Improved menu flow (auto scroll)
  • Movement eases (Objects can move in a more life-like manner via 'bounce', 'elastic' and other eases)
  • Various behavior tweaks, updates and bug fixes
  • Extra book metadata
Demibooks® Composer - Demibooks Inc.

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1 comment:

Marlene DeGrood said...

I'm actually looking for a good ebook composer for the iPad but not one that wants $499 to publish to iTunes. I think I'll stick with Pages and Amazon publishing. Thanks for posting this though :) I do love that it works with movies.