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A December wait list

The wait list seems really small now, but I guess that's to be expected as the year's almost done. If I've missed anything just let me know. I just thought it would be good to get one more in before the end of the year.

iOS Apps:
  • Cascadr v3
  • Jasuto Studio
  • iSequence 3
  • loopseque extra
  • Scattr (new app from Michael Aldridge)
  • Tympanum from miniMusic
  • iSample update
  • Mint io
  • Cream io
  • Noise.IO XT
  • Toro Mini for the iPad
  • GlitchBeats
  • FL Studio Mobile - Android 
  • Mixtikl for Android
  • Akai Synthstation 49
    Did I miss anything else?

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    Pighood said...

    Yeah....rotsa ruck on the Amidio updates. At the rate Plavunov moves, the Rapture will occur first.

    concretedog said...

    Sunvox on android.I know it's not going to be that soon....but I'm waiting eagerly!

    Trueyorky said...

    Sunrizer update on the way with cool new features.

    dokwok said...

    I'm impressed by how many apps no longer appear on this list...because the long-awaited updates came through.

    Anonymous said...

    This could be nothing (as the commenter was Anonymous) but somebody who seemed to work @ moog said this.


    Animoog for iPhone is 1, so one more app before x-mas would have to be today... not very likely, but worth mentioning anyway

    distraub said...

    Just wanted to make a small correction to the list, it is GlitchBreaks not GlitchBeats