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Playing with Sunvox

I was playing with Sunvox last night after a bit of a break from it, and remembered just how great it is.

Sunvox is getting some work done, and you can track progress here. The only downside is that Palm OS won't be supported under the new version, but I guess having iPhone and WinMo is still pretty good going.

Sunvox at the app store:

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NightRadio said...

:) No, support for PalmOS will remain in the new SunVox. Only Pixilang will be without PalmOS.

formal said...

Thanks nightradio!!! Sunvox and Bhajis are the only reason I bought a Palm. It'd be a shame to see support die for the Palm version of sunvox just after I got my PDA. Keep up the good work :)

ashley said...

I'm glad that Sunvox will stay on Palm. Intrigued to know what the next version will bring