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Arduino Bass Synth

Sounds great doesn't it! Via Matrixsynth.


Unknown said...

Regarding the DIY potential of this project I'm a bit concerned by the amount of hardware/parts it requires. Two Arduino boards including an Arduino Mega? All this sounds doable with a single 328p, especially since there doesn't seem to be any bandlimiting+interpolation in the oscillators.

But it really makes me want to work on a SSM2044 variant of the Shruti-1 (or on a filter card system to swap the filter subsection of the PCB). 2044s seem to be a bit finicky to use, but they also seem to be easier to find than the 3379 and they sound amazing. Not sure how well they operate at -5/+5V though.

Neutronium said...

The MEGA is only required at the moment because it is using so many analog inputs for the potentiometers. and parallel DACs on the output, which uses 24 digital pins which have to be on 3 usable ports. (thats what i had so thats what i used!)

the second arduino could be a lot smaller type, it is needed though because running the display library at the same time as the waveform generation ISR makes it sound awfull. without a display it would not be needed.

I am thinking of a cut down version with no display, just DACs, filter, MIDI in, and 6 knobs on a shield type thing people can build. once i finish messing about with this and put it in a box, i will work on that version.