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Revisiting Hexatone

I spent some time using Hexatone again today. I have to confess I'd forgotten how good it is and how flexible it is. Hexatone is one of the set of ioLibrary apps that I've avoided updating until I can see a really good reason to do it.

I'd like to think that Amidio will adopt one of the other standards, either audio copy or Intua's new standard. I hope that Amidio keep updating apps like Hexatone and the star series as these were brilliant when you could use them all together with Intua's beatmaker. Don't get me wrong, they're still good now, but I got used to being able to use them all together, and now I'm used to another set of apps working together I want these to keep doing the same thing as before.

At any rate, Hexatone is still a great drum app, and I'm definitely going to spend some more time with it soon.

JR Hexatone Pro at the app store:
JR Hexatone? Pro

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Johnnyg0 said...

State of iphone music apps 2010 : There are now so much good ones that we are overwhelmed.

I got the same problem here, so many apps I leave behind because I don't have time anymore because there's always new interesting apps coming out, and I just have to give them a try :)

Now you should see my VST folder, DAMN YOU FREEWARE!!! hehehe