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Technobox update

Technoxbox has been updated. Here's what's new:

Added new effects panel with these features:
  • Individual panning for the synth and drum machine
  • Distortion with selectable cruncher
  • Delay unit with feedback and tempo sync with up to full measure delays
  • Phaser which can be applied to the synth or drum machine or both
Other changes:
  • Parameter recalling is now on by default
Technobox at the app store:
technoBox (303 808 909 studio)


robman84 said...

Excellent. I've been waiting for fx on this.

AtomErik said...

wow! It's sounds awesome!

robman84 said...

It does indeed sound awesome. A bit of distortion and delay on a 303 makes all the difference. Phaser could be a bit more flexible though. But what a great app.

ashley said...

I quite like the update