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AC-7 DAW Control Surface

Brought to you by the people who made the AK-7 MIDI Keyboard, a new controller for the iPhone. Looks as nice as their other software too. I wonder what other stuff they've got up their sleeves?

AC-7 DAW Control Surface at te app store:
AC-7 DAW Control Surface


soundog said...

I just bought this and am using it to control recording (remotely, when my hands are full of a guitar, and I am stationed at a microphone) while using Logic on a Mac. It works as advertised (see video on webpage). Support this guy, he is writing cool apps that use DSMI (wifi midi stuff), and is responsive.

Note that his apps don't make music on their own ... you use them to control DAWs or software instruments that can understand MIDI data!

Mr. A said...

I emailed the dude a few days ago. He's working on a drumpad controller!

Matt Hooper said...

fantastic stuff, the dev is really responsive.

I look forward to some cool new features.

this is a dev I will be watching closely.


ashley said...

This dev's growing a great portfolio of controller apps