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Star Guitar update

Star Guitar has been updated and the icon and splash screen have been redesigned. Personally I like the new icon a lot. Also you can now edit patterns on the app.

Click the link below to find Star Guitar at the iTunes App Store:
Star Guitar

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metaphormidable said...

What so you think of Star Guitar and Piano? I tried Star Guitar way back when it first came out and really really disliked it. I thought it was clunky to use and didn't sound good.. My expectations were pretty high though, since Noise IO is so good... And I'm a "real" guitar player, so I'm probably fussier about these sort of things than the average consumer. But I'm thinking the Piano app may lend itself better to the sort of GUI they are using and I'm thinking about giving that one a shot.., any opinions?

Palm-Sounds said...

Now that these apps have the pattern editing option in side I think they'll be a lot more useful than before.

I think that they're probably good for creating loops for beatmaker, but perhaps not on their own.

Of course, if developers start to join in with this Mobile Audio Product Interaction Program then lots of apps could get very useful indeed.