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This from the Strange Agency site:
We tweaked the Curtis audio routings to pump sound out of the main speaker rather than the earpiece. So.. happy.. now..

Pending potential bug fixes (never say never), that wraps up Curtis Lite. Rather than spring a whole new beast on our users, we’d like to roll out the Heavy features as we build them. At the same time, we would like to keep a Lite (or even Free) version around. So, in order to reward our early adopters, Curtis Lite will morph into Curtis Heavy at the next update. At this point, the Heavy price will go up and a Lite or Free version may come out.

Mouthful? The short version: if you own Curtis Lite, you get Heavy for free. The sooner you buy in, the cheaper the price.

Curtis on the app store:
Curtis - Granular Synthesizer

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Anonymous said...

Curtis heavy is great