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Stacks of Pixilang news !!!

Loads of Pixilang news today.

Pixilang up to version 1.41
The pixel orientated environment has moved up to version 1.41. New features are:
  • added region clipping in frame(delay,clip_x,clip_y,clip_xsize,clip_ysize) command;
  • added new command file_dialog(filename,dialogname,mask,id)

A tracker created using Pixilang

Last but not least ...

Pixilang competition
Those guys at warmplace have annouced a competition running up to the end of March for the best apps built in Pixilang.

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goglus said...

music created in pixitracker (pocket htc 4350)

Artist: goglus&beb$$
Title: ybo}|{estvo #19
Label: neD0music (goglus.com)
Country: RUSSIA
Year: 2008