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Don't forget to take advantage of the Korg summer sale

All of the Korg apps are on sale up to the 21st of August, so grab a bargain whilst you can. Here's what's on offer:

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polarpaul said...

For me, with the arrival of Audiobus, the synths, and effects apps, and the power in the newer devices to run more complex audio chains all leads to a poor man's version of a modular synth. You can switch out various synths, effects, and midi controller apps to get new sounds. I think there are quite a few online videos, review sites, and forums so that people can get an idea of what an app has to offer. While there are a lot of synth apps, there are also from my perspective many that aren't just clones of hardware or desktop software and do take advantage of what the iOS touch interface has to offer. Since the price of apps is relatively inexpensive more people can experiment or take a chance on an app that they might not otherwise try.

If an individual is worried about the distraction created by having too many synths, they may be better off by organizing their music creation. Commit a certain amount of time to learning synth x, a certain amount for researching new ones, and setting up quotas for how many new synths they acquire. For others it may be a form of addiction where they spend time acquiring new app synths and relatively little time playing them.

More synth options doesn't seem like a bad thing in and of itself. Perhaps it is an opportunity to reflect upon what your music creation goals are and to support people who create synths you benefit from as well as those who provide information about what they have to offer beyond the information provided by the developer. More choices means more user filtering and if a developer offers a synth without a significant improvement of some kind, it'll be tough for them to get much traction.