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What are the apps you really want to master?

What's the app you'd most like to master on iOS or any other operating system for that matter?

The complexity of apps on iOS and on android to a lesser extent has just exploded. Some apps on iOS actually rival the complexity of some desktop vstis in my opinion, and, as I've mentioned many times before I think that to a large extent we're replicating the desktop. But that's not what I want to talk about here. Instead I'm interested to know what app or apps you want to master and why?

Apps like Sunvox and Jasuto are just complex and difficult to get to grips with and require a big investment in time and effort. Others, like Audulus are capable of massive complexity and some of the patches I've seen created with Audulus defy reason in their design and execution. 

So where do you get started with some of these?  How do you find the time and the resources to get your head around some of these apps?

For example Noatikl and Mixtikl from Intermorphic often perplex people and leave them wondering how to get to a point of proficiency. 

It isn't easy. That's probably an understatement isn't it. 

So what are the apps you've either struggled to master or always wanted to devote time to or wanted to get good at, and more to the point, why in particular those apps?


JC said...

Different drummer and SAMPLR definitely fit into this category for me. I feel like I loved the look of both she I first saw a tutorial but am still far from figuring them out and how to make them work best for me.

Anonymous said...

sunvox. because of the freedom it gives you to design your own unique sound. I used renoise before and I love the way trackers in general give you microscopic precision in sound design. but I really feel that touchscreen alone is not good enough, i also want control pad style controls which allow a two handed grip and quicker, more comfortable navigation such as the design of lsdj and lgpt.

as for replicating teh desktop im so up up for that. i dont know why developers dont just hurry up and design full portable touch versions of protools, cubase, ableton etc.

however, again, i dont think touchscreen alone is enough. is still want to hold the device comfortably in two hands while doing long and tedious production tasks. in my opinion, even the yamaha qy100 was a better design. If you dont have a table or a picnic bench you either have to cradle the tablet in one hand, hunt and peck with the other (in that case one hand is wasted and getting tired and uncomfortable), or you must use a stand and place the tablet on your lap, in which case, why not just use a cheaper and more powerful laptop with a real DAW.

Honestly though, I think ive seen too much crappy 16 step sequencer style apps on ipad, although the design of korg gadget and ipolysix is great.

hopefully one day, control pad style navigation will break out from just chiptune (lsdj and lgpt) it really is so much quicker, better, more comfortable and more portable.

awesome blog btw, ive been reading since 2007 when i was using the milkytracker ipaq

Anonymous said...


Joel said...

Stroke Machine

ConnectionFailure said...

TB MIDI Stuff. It seems to be powerful but the interface needs more refinement. That is, it needs to be quicker and easier to assign jobs to the pads that you create.
Also SampleLab is a bit hard to figure out.
Samplr and Borderlands are both cool but I need to spend more time with them.

Ashley Elsdon said...

Interesting bunch of apps. Here's some thoughts ...

Stroke Machine - Agree. I only ever get so far then it stops making sense.
SoundScaper - Love it, but struggle to know what's going on.
Sector - Spent a load of time on this and I can say it's worth it.
Patterning - Go for it. Totally worth it.
Different Drummer - Yep, I've struggled with this too.
Samplr - Well worth the investment in time.
Sunvox - This is so deep and just keeps getting deeper and deeper, but so many possibilities!
TB MIDI Stuff - Feels like the app has been abandoned and overtaken by MIDI Designer and other apps

Thanks for all the suggestions though.

I'd like to know if anyone does make the effort with these and what their experiences are.