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Synthmate Poly synth for iPad coming very soon

A new synth app for your iPad is on the way and should be landing in the app store any day now. Here's what to expect:
  • real-time control, low latency
  • multi-touch interface, change anything while playing
  • 5 note polyphony
  • 1 oscilator unit per touch: control pitch, volume
  • 1 lfo unit per touch: control speed, amount
  • 1 delay unit : control time, feedback
  • Y axis assignable control
  • edit scales, range, portamento and micro-tune
  • load/save all settings
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johnnyg0 said...

I wish I could have a Bebot like controller that could send signal to any synths (internally). There are a lot of good synths out there with really bad interfaces. I guess I can dream because something like this will never happen on IOS..

I wonder how this one will sound.

Ray said...

@johnnyg0 I agree, it seems that it might actually be possible with the implementation of core midi in iOS 4.2

I have thought of writing a bebot type app for external midi control.
So far the midi apps available would make it hard to implement scales and do not play glissando.
A iPad app would be the closest thing to cheap continuum controller.

johnnyg0 said...


Even with Core Midi, I find it surprising that Apple would allow apps that can control other apps. Still I wonder what will come out of it.

And I think the Doepfer ribbon controller is the closest thing to the Continuum.. but its still 500$ :)