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Acer tablets appear

Gadgetlab comments on new Android tablets coming from Acer. I thought that their comments about the tablet market being a race to the bottom were quite interesting.

I keep noticing that we're always talking about the iPad and the growing number of amazing music applications. Then we talk about Android and the whole thing is about new tablets and not much else.

I really wish that there was more music software news for Android. Maybe soon?

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concretedog said...

You and me both, I wish more ws hapening with android. There has been an update to fourtracks pro which now includes audio import which is a step towards having a decent 4track...but thats it for this week!

johnnyg0 said...

Acer's tablet are not all Android, there will be some Windows7 ones.

Which makes me wonder,.. if you can install a Hackintosh on a computer, when will we be able to install HackIOS on a normal tablet?

Richard Lawler said...

Gadgetlab has seriously jumped the gun on their predictions of the outcome of tablet market.

We've only seen the first act. Apple has certainly benefited from first mover advantage. But there's certainly a lot still in play.

ashley said...

I think that the market for Android tablets is still evolving and will take quite a while for things to shake out.