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iShred LIVE released

iShred has always been one of my favourite guitar apps, so in hindsight it is obvious that it should become a live guitar app as well.

iShred LIVE is free on the app store, and you can get a cable interface for it too.

Someone is going to have to do a complete show down of all of these cables and interfaces at some point.


robman84 said...

Yay iShred! I remember writing something (maybe on here) when iShred came out that it would be awesome with live input. Now it's here! I have to say there's a load of choice now though, and different payment models (free with in-app purchase, expensive all-in-one etc.) and with more apps on the way I'm not ready to commit to a big purchase yet until I've tried 'em all.

Hardware wise I like the look of the battery powered one, whose name currently escapes me. The simple "adapter" type, with nothing but wiring, are far too prone to noise and tone loss IMHO. I get a great result with those (mine home-made) if I'm running my guitar through the Micro BR, but that defies the idea of an all-in-one solution. iRig looks nice with its impedence matching, but I imagine feedback will be an issue without a powered amp on board.

So yes, a round-up and review of all hardware solutions would be awesome.

robman84 said...

Remembered the name of the battery powered one now - Ampkit Link.

So that gives:
* Ampkit Link
* PRS guitarbud
* iRig
* GuitarJack
* Home-made guitarbud-style

Any more?

Anonymous said...

Just run into a direct box before the 'simple adapter cable' and you should be fine.